Two twins (fraternal) living in 613 (Algonquin Territory) who are big fans of information sharing, event planning, breaking barriers, and petting cats. Read our individual bio's below

Our Story

We started "Feminist Twins" several years ago when we were inspired by Tumblr blogs dedicated to sharing posts about feminism. Our goal then was to start our own Tumblr account that made feminist news and information accessible to young people, but also tying it in with the Ottawa community. We did this by sharing information and posts about feminism but also finding and creating posts about local efforts in Ottawa. We thought this would help build upon movements already happening, while inspiring and empowering people (especially younger folks) to get involved. In early 2014, we started to move away from Tumblr and began connecting through platforms like Twitter, then Facebook, and eventually Instagram. 

Eventually, we began creating events in the community and working with non-profits. Our biggest event is our annual Feminist Fair, which celebrated it's sixth anniversary in November 2019 and saw roughly 1200 guests, and raised 4700$!

In April of 2018, we launched this website with the financial support of Terrilee Kelford.